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Dr. Yvonne has been an educator for over 20 years. She has taught in Illinois, Colorado and she now resides in Texas where she is still imparting knowledge to middle school students. Dr. Yvonne is a Co-Author of an Anthology “Real Divas Win,  Volume 2” and is preparing for Volume 3, stories of women who have overcome adversities and she  has written and published her spiritual walk with the Lord entitled “Love Lifted Me: An Interactive Devotional” listed on Amazon.  She is a licensed minister and recently received her Independent Life Insurance License.

Her Doctorate is in Higher Education and Curriculum Design, two Masters Degrees, Elementary Education and Educational Administration. A Bachelors in Liberal Arts and an Associates Degree in Music. She has just launched her publishing company Transitions Publishing, which will focus on publishing Educational resources and Inspirational content, her Motto “publishing books that will change lives.” Is bound to be phenomenal. Dr. Yvonne is also a designer and has a non profit organization Divinely Inspired Victoriously Anointed (D.I.V.A.) Mime Ministry, which hosted “Love Lifted Me Gospel Arts Workshop where she  teaches to love through the eyes of God. She also has a Podcast: Teacher Talk Tuesday’s, a platform for teachers to share their conquest, conquerors, concerns, and calamities in a safe environment.


Yvonne has 21 years of teaching experience in the education system. Over the years Dr. Yvonne has educated over 3,000 students ranging from 5th thru 11th grade.




Dr. Yvonne has been making designing fashion since 2006. She has participated in over 7 fashion shows including, Denver Unique Fashion Week and Essence Fashion Week with Curvy Girl Collections.


Yvonne has written a devotional, 2 educational books including her dissertation and co-authored an inspirational anthology.

Yvonne offers custom publishing services for authors who are ready to publish their book. Schedule a consult today for more info on these services.


Yvonne has taught several motivation workshops with her annual conference Love Lifted Me in Illinois, Colorado and Houston.  Yvonne is available for speaking opportunities for events, virtual conferences and interviews.


Teacher Talk 2uesday's (podcast) - Dr. Yvonne Henderson | Listen Noteshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnrOLHz7noiiTrXmyflItdA
Teacher Talk Tuesday’s is designed for teachers to have a platform to collaborate and voice concerns, calamities and conquests.



The ABC's to Effective Substitute Teaching by [Dr. Yvonne Henderson] An Investigation of Certified Substitute Teachers : And What They Say is Needed to be Effective in the Classroom by [Dr. Yvonne Henderson] Love Lifted Me: An Interactive Devotional by [Yvonne Henderson]

All books may be found anywhere books are sold, or email me for an autographed copy, get your copy today.

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What’s New with Dr. Yvonne? 

So glad you asked, she will be featured as a Keynote Speaker for the Voices of Victory Summit from July 28th-31st, 2021. Voices of Victory is a platform for future speakers, teachers, entrepreneurs and business people to come together and share their stories and let their voices be heard. If you would like to hear us go to voicesofvictorysummit.com to get your free ticket, yes free.

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